1 bit Pixitracker For iPhone and iPad

1bit Pixitracker Screenshot

PixiTracker 1BIT is a simple and fun tool to quickly create musical sketches, chip tunes and experiments with TRUE 1-BIT SOUND (like on old microcomputers). No musical knowledge required. Perfect for producing Chiptune and Glitch music. What’s New in Version Continue reading 1 bit Pixitracker For iPhone and iPad

NES Synthesizer For iPhone

NESynth Screenshot

Retro game sounds synthesizer! NESynth is a synthesizer that simulated 8 bit sound of video games in the 80’s. !!! CoreMIDI is supported (iOS4.2 or later ) !!! Become possible to play NESynth in a MIDI keyboard input! What’s New Continue reading NES Synthesizer For iPhone

8bit Studio For iPhone

8bit studio screenshot

8Bit Studio – the only circuit bent 8bit SID synth for your iphone! Customize your patterns using the built in step sequencer or play live on the retractable keyboard then bend and distort the sound using the touch contacts. Features Continue reading 8bit Studio For iPhone

SquareSynth Synthesizer For iPhone and iPad

SquareSynth is a table-based synthesizer for iOS, based on old-school chiptune trackers. Using the “tables” you can create sounds similar to 8bit game consoles, and computers. Must have app for chiptune musicians, or musicians in general. If you want to Continue reading SquareSynth Synthesizer For iPhone and iPad