8Tones Android Chiptune App


8Tones is a free Android app where users can create 8-bit music/chiptune music on the go. Due to popular demands on exporting the project, I have updated the app so that you can export it to Famitracker. With Famitracker you can easily export WAV and NSF files.



• Create 8-bit music

• 5 channels
— channel 0 – square 50%
— channel 1 – square 25%
— channel 2 – square 25%
— channel 3 – triangle
— channel 4 – beats/noise

• Tracker like interface (if you have ever used Famitracker this can be very easy to learn)
• Customizable interface like accent colors and background
• Famitracker (http://famitracker.com/) compatibility! This app export text files that’s importable via Famitracker! You can export NSF/WAV files via Famitracker!

or simply select HELP on the main menu.

8Tone is available for FREE

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